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Move well. Think well. Nourish well. Rest well.

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The Space Between Stress & Bliss

Based on Laura's TEDx talk. Develop an understanding of the fine line that exists between feeling and living with symptoms of stress versus living with greater joy on a more consistent basis. Join us to discover the answer of what lies between these two states of being and how we can all take greater control of our lives and influence those around us with easy to integrate daily practices.


The Magic of Meditation

The practice of meditation and mindfulness is about observing, taming and clearing the mind to assist in unleashing an infinite source of energy called prana. Meditation assists in reducing emotional responses such as: reactivity, stress, anxiety and depression, and promotes inner joy and peace, improves concentration, quality of sleep, and gets you more in touch with yourself. When the obstacles in life are confronted with a serene mind, we live more happily. Learn a step by step approach to various techniques that can easily be adopted into any wellness program.

Listen to a guided centering mediation narrated by Laura Warf on the School of Happiness.

Just Breathe!

Learn simple yet profound techniques that can be done anywhere and anytime to breathe more effectively. Discover how just a few minutes of daily focused breathing can help alleviate tension, decrease stress, or improve your mood. Learn the science behind heart rate variability and how we can restore our natural and optimal inner frequency. Discover which techniques are ideal in different scenarios; to relax, focus, perform for an important event, or increase your energy - there is a way to breathe to get the results you desire!

Get Your Vibe Right!

Life is all about energy and vibration. Learn morning and evening wellness rituals to help you be your best self leading to greater personal fulfillment. Would you like to be able to stay centered and powerful even when you are out of your comfort zone?  Discover practical ways to keep your vibration elevated and navigate life’s ups and downs with greater ease and grace. Explore why empowering your subtle energy body is important and how to shift from low vibe to high vibe when you need it the most

​Relaxation for Greater Vitality

Experience a nurturing class designed to restore balance, calm the mind and release deep tensions in the body leading to a deeper sense of serenity. True relaxation is cultivated by stimulating the relaxation response through focused breathing, visualization and specific movement sequences designed to harmonize the body and mind. Leave with a greater understanding of how to sequence a slow-moving floor-based yoga practice that is joint friendly and accessible to all. The session will be broken down into movement blocks that can easily integrated into your day.

​Heartfulness Yoga and Meditation

You have heard of mindfulness but have you heard of heartfulness? Take your yoga and meditation practice a step further by regulation the heart-brain system to attain greater states of coherence and wellness. Learn the symbolic truth of how your heart connects you with universal consciousness. Explore ancient principles of traditional yoga practice where the teachings are adapted for each person to make yoga accessible for anyone. Experience the five principles of personal practice originally taught by Sri Krishnamacharya that can be incorporated into all yoga styles. I look forward to meeting you on the mat.

Wellness at your desk

Learn Laura’s top 10 tips and wellness techniques you can do at your desk!
Do you want to improve your focus? Boost your energy, stay awake behind your screen? Decompress and release the pressure? Release tension or pain? Improve your mood? Re-center before getting on the phone or before heading into a meeting? How about cultivating the best version of yourself to stay positive and productive? Did you know that energy robbers and energy boosters exist? Learn what they are to keep yourself elevated instead of depleted. This session will provide an abundance of ideas and practical solutions to help you make the best choices to keep you boosted all day long!

Be Functionally Fit for Life

Work out smarter not harder. Explore slower functional movement patterns using minimal equipment. Functional fitness exercises are designed to stimulate the entire body and develop fluid myofascial movement patterns. Discover multi-leveled integrated movements that will help improve the ability to perform day to day activities with greater ease while reducing the risk of injury.  Learn a variety of exercises and variations geared for all levels to help improve coordination, balance, core stability and functional strength. Ideal for adults looking for an accessible, user-friendly approach to fitness.

Strong Core; Bender Ball Style

​One of the best things you can do for your health is to strengthen your core and deep spinal stabilizers.  These muscles go far beyond your abs - your core also includes your back, waist, pelvis, and gluteal muscles. Working together, these muscles let you move freely and keep you steady on your feet.  Learn Laura’s Top 10 core exercises using the “little ball that does it all”. Explore alignment cues and multiple variations making these exercises versatile in any setting – group or private. Leave with a core workout that is effective and accessible to anyone. 

Equipment: Bender balls required

​Mend my Back Lifestyle Foundations Program

​​If you experience any kind of back discomfort, then this Lifestyle program is for you. Back pain is often a symptom that can range from tight muscles, poor posture, stress, or more serious disorders. Discover daily lifestyle tips to help cultivate a healthier back at home or at work. Discover valuable tricks to sit, stand and bend over more safely. Learn healthy ways to decrease pain and inflammation, get a better night’s sleep along with other techniques to assist in back recovery.

​For more information on back pain relief visit the ​Mend my Back Program official website.

Yoga Posture Assisting Techniques

This workshop will increase your sensitivity to respond to the needs of your students.  Learn when and how to assist your participants effectively to enhance their yoga experience by understanding the four components of each posture. Through partner work, practice four methods of assisting students that can be applied to a range of postures allowing each person to progress safely and progressively.  Notice how small adjustments can have a profound impact on your practice and those you teach.


Conquer Stress with the Wisdom of Ancient Teachings

Join Laura in this enlightening lecture as she shares wisdom that she has received and practiced from numerous enlightened teachers from different parts of the world. Did you know that 90% of diseases are complicated by stress and that the most widely prescribed medications are for stress related symptoms? Let’s curiously dive into how other cultures harmonize the mind and body leading the greater health, happiness and longevity. Leave with six ancient practices to bring into today’s world as a holistic system for yourself and to assist your clients who are dealing with symptoms of stress.

A Pathway to Happiness

Did you know the brain responds differently to activities that offer short term pleasure versus long term happiness? Discover how to create sustainable happiness in your own life even through the most challenging moments. People from all walks of life share an innate drive for meaning, direction and purpose. What is your path to true happiness? When we’re living our purpose, we feel awake, happy, productive and alive as we use our unique gifts and talents to serve others and the planet. Learn how to align yourself with the state of greater flow and optimism and reset your thoughts and actions toward a more balanced, healthier and happier life. Leave this session with practical tips on how to rewire your brain for happiness along with helpful hints to create a happiness culture at home and at work.

​Living Intentionally

​​(can be offered as a half-day or full-day session)  
Each morning you are gifted a blank canvas with the opportunity to design your life. Are you powerfully creating your life by your own design with a sense of purpose? Or are you living in default mode, in reaction to the elements around you and often distracted?   Intentional living works by getting clear on your WHY and living in alignment with what makes you feel alive inside.  Being intentional allows you to live with freedom, joy and in a state of growth. Every major accomplishment that's ever been achieved started with a first step, often the most important one if you want to get anywhere in life. Join us to step into powerful daily habits that will help you live a more purposeful and rewarding life.

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