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Laura is presenting at the ICAA Virtual conference, Leadership Summit and Expo 2020

Laura is part of the presenting team for this year’s International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) Conference and Trade show ​2020 held virtually

​Aging well: the great disruptor
​The ICAA Virtual Conference, Leadership Summit and Expo is not just a conference—it’s a call to action. This live learning experience is a must for any person or organization embracing opportunities associated with aging well.

Today, more than 100 million Americans desire to live a longer, better life. Four generations of adults 50 and over, science and the media are driving this significant societal shift. The arrival of COVID-19 only emphasizes how crucial it is to make that desire a reality.

In this time of global health challenges and uncertainty, how will you and your organization respond?

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​Laura's workshops to be presented include:

October 28th 12pm PT Mend my Back Lifestyle Foundations

​November 6th 7:45am PT Heartfulness: Pathway to ultimate wellness

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