Laura is Presenting at the canfitpro 2019 Fitness Convention and Tradeshow August 14-18, 2019

Laura will be presenting at this conference held at the downtown Toronto convention center August 14-18, 2019

She will inspire and educate other fitness professionals, coaches and health enthusiasts on how to live optimally during the following two workshops :

Living Intentionally Saturday August 17th 7:30-11:15
Each morning you are gifted a blank canvas with the opportunity to design your life. Are you powerfully creating your life by your own design with a sense of purpose? Or are you living in default mode, in reaction to the elements around you?

Energy Medicine for Self-Care Saturday August 17th 3:15-4:45
Energy management activates your life force energy to restore balance, rejuvenate your entire body, promote emotional well-being and spiritual connection. With a few simple techniques and daily practices, the power to restore yourself is at your fingertips.

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