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5-Day Body Tune-Up Mindful Mornings

This 5-day journey is for you if you want to:
• Renew your commitment to yourself.
• Kickstart your good habits of taking better care of yourself.
• Set your intentions to put yourself first so that you can serve others with more energy and cheerfulness.
• Be consistent with the help of expert guidance and the support you need.
• Feel at home and happy in your body.

5 day body tune up – morning mindful movement
Is your body a fine tuned, enjoyable place to live?
Did you know you can move your way to a healthier, stronger body with simple strategies that elevates your energy instead of depleting it?

When you care for your well-being first, you raise your vibe.

That means you can take care of others and all daily business more beautifully and cheerfully.

We begin August 29th at 8am. It’s more fun together. Let’s go...

*Free event

Go HERE  to express your interest

One Day Getaway to Reset and Recharge

Enjoy a one day getaway
to Recharge & Reset
in Gore, Laurentians, Quebec

• Enjoy a complete mind-body-spirit RESET to recharge and restore your energy, lightness and joy.
• Take time out temporarily from your intellect and the busy-ness of our minds and life.
• Move your body, calm your mind and soothe your soul.
• I promise you will be smiling from the inside out!

Peace and pleasure guaranteed

If you are interested, reserve your place by registering right away. Places are limited.

Please click HERE for more details and to reserve your spot.

Thank you, I look forward to welcoming you.