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Move well. Think well. Nourish well. Rest well.

Live well. Laugh well. Love well.

Be well.

Well-Being Guide

Laura is a movement specialist and holistic wellness expert who guides others to be conscious creators of their well-being.

Live with a more resilient body, a calm mind and a light heart leading to optimal health, happiness and fulfillment at home and at work.

She offers a heart-centered approach towards healthy, fit and joyful living from the inside out.

Please visit: The School of Happiness

Upcoming Events & Conferences

Reset – Refresh – Recharge online retreat
​This might be exactly what you need right now….With so much of our world going online, we are often distracted,[...]
Laura is presenting at the ICAA Virtual conference, Leadership Summit and Expo 2020
Laura is part of the presenting team for this year’s International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) Conference and Trade show[...]
Laura is presenting at the canfitpro 2020 virtual series conference Sept. & Nov.
​Laura's presentations will include: Women who Influence event;  Friday, March 27, 2020  - 16h00-19h15 Get your Vibe Right;  Saturday, March[...]
“La sagesse du coeur” Deux évènements avec Laura à Val David le 5 avril 2020 “”
​​Joignez-vous à nous pour vous ressourcer, vous inspirer, et faire le plein d'énergie!Découvrez des routines et exercices que vous pouvez[...]
Laura is presenting at the canfitpro conference in Montreal March 27-29, 2020
​Laura's presentations will include:Women who Influence event;  Friday, March 27, 2020  - 16h00-19h15Get your Vibe Right;  Saturday, March 28, 2020[...]

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Wellness Laura Warf

A practice of healthy habits leading to optimal balance of the mind, body, heart and spirit. Be well from the inside out to radiate vitality. Enjoy being in complete harmony with nature.  Welcome home to your Self.

Mindfulness Laura Warf

Focused awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting our feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Often used as a therapeutic technique to relieve symptoms stress to bounce back more quickly from anything that tips our balance scale.

Fitness Laura Warf

Our bodies are built to move. Functional fitness focuses on full body movement patterns to correct our imbalances, strengthen the core, develop balance and endurance, improve posture and have fun! Let's move.

Frame the Moment with Laura Warf

Healthy living is multi-dimensional

It encompasses a positive, solution-oriented mindset which includes engaging in uplifting projects that serve others well.

Living with vitality requires daily movement

Ideally outdoors! Keep the body resilient and strong, fueled by whole foods to nourish every cell optimally.

A healthy, happy lifestyle also allows for time to connect

Inner stillness giving the body/mind time to replenish and of course spontaneous play time with loved ones to keep our hearts light and filled with gratitude.

About Laura

Laura Warf, Well-Being and Happiness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Inspirational Speaker

Laura Warf is the co-founder, Chief Well-Being and Happiness Officer of the School of Happiness, which crafts methods integrating tools from ancient teachings to today’s cutting-edge research. The mission of the School of Happiness is to guide people to become conscious creators of their well-being in mind, body and spirit, following their eight essential elements leading to optimal health, happiness and fulfillment at home and at work. 

Laura is a healthy living advocate, passionate wellness educator, yoga teacher and mind-body specialist offering tools and resources in the form of classes, retreats and services in corporate wellness live and online.

Laura Warf has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Fitness) from McGill University, she is a trained coach with the certified coaches federation and a certified canfitpro fitness instructor. Laura is the author of a mind-body specialist program, a yoga-certified instructor tutored by Mark Whitwell, and a Canadian Certified Yoga Teacher CA-RYT-500. She has extensive training from the Kripalu yoga centre and is qualified as a Reiki practitioner specializing in energy balancing.

She has been fortunate to study and work with numerous enlightened teachers in the field of yoga, meditation, shamanism, Buddhism, positive psychology and exercise science. It is the blend of these teachings which have helped shape who she is today and ignited the passion she generously shares by transmitting her knowledge and experience in all her sessions.

The School of Happiness offers online live classes in yoga and functional fitness, and other fun wellness resources to determine life balance with the Happiness Wheel.

Laura is also the creator of the Mend My Back Program. A back pain recovery program offering key progressive back exercises, improved lifestyle habits and proper nutrition for long-term back health.